Gloria Polo: Standing Before God, The Judgment

 There are very few things in life that can impact a person's life so greatly as to cause a radical conversion to God and this book of Gloria Polo's testimony is one of them.

Price: $12.00 

Catholic Defend Your Faith

What is Apologetics? Is it valid to speak about it these days? How can it be reconciled with ecumenism? What are its principal themes? How do we respond to the attacks and objections from the protestants, and other new religious fundamentalist groups that are constantly springing up?

Price: $15.00 

I'm Catholic, So What

A message that has transformed the lives of thousands by giving them the necessary steps in order to stop being a part of the group of "the crowd" and become a committed Christian.

Price: $8.00 

The Prayer that God Answers

Why have my prayers not been answered? Why does God not hear my prayers? My petitions for healing and for freeing my family, relatives, friends, and me? My prayers for family unity and financial prosperity? Doesn't God hear them? 


Price: $10.00 

The Powerful Hand of Jesus in my Heart

One day, while I was praying, I closed my eyes and had a vision: I saw the powerful hand of Jesus Christ coming towards my heart. It approached slowly, its center marked with the wound, his powerful blood mixed with mine and was pumped throughout my body. 

Price: $10.00 

Jesus Loves You

Book of prayer and meditation, based on the Word of God.

Price: $11.00 

Prayers of Power

A book jam-packed with potent prayers for everything from healing, avoiding, sin, consecration, liberating a home to reparation. 

Price: $12.00 

Rosary of Liberation

The Rosary of Liberation is based on the Word of God and should be prayed with faith; for the glory of the powerful name of Jesus Christ, to seek healing, salvation and liberation. This book contains many powerful testimonies which can be attributed to praying this Rosary.

Price: $10.00