Gloria Polo Standing before God: The Judgment CD

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This testimony of Gloria Polo does not contain anything more, or nothing less, than that which one finds in the Sacred Scriptures: but, given the fact that many do not succeed in seeing the truth of after death, God causes someone to experience and to live this “more”, of which the Bible speaks. This someone is Gloria Polo, who returning in this life became like a light of a reality, which regards everyone.

I hope that this testimony of Gloria Polo might help you in your search for the Truth and a new life.

This CD wants to simply show you a reality that you might ignore, even though you might know about it, at least in part, if in some way you might practice the Word of Truth called the Bible.
"I was so moved after reading your mystical experience. I am a Catholic too though I have been feeling something lost or lack there of in my life for faith. I could wake up in some sense thanks to your story. Our Lord Jesus Christ always bless you"

"unbelievable testimony very impressing; it changed my life"
"I belive that kind of real stories are very helpful for many people. And it will help them to open their eyes. And turn their back from their dark ways! Back in the days I was a very lost young man, And for long 14 years i di not practice confession. Far away from God, Church etc. full of anger and shame for my self.
I was sad because of my behavior and way of lining! However by all this years i have feeling that my good Lord is with me ,behind my back And he still belives in me and my change into a better person. Even when i had lost that belief of changing  myself. Do you know what happened? Our Lord gave me his wonderful hand and He really helped me to change for the best! And remined me that he is my greatest Friend who never lets me down! So, I went to confession to apologize for my sins, I was very scared and at the last moment I had a feeling that someone or something was trying restlessly to push me away from the church and force me to change my mind! But that was not an option I decided to confess myself and no one or nothing could tell me otherwise.
After the confession I felt relieved and cleaned. I don't know how to express that what I felt at that moment."
"First of all, I'd like to say thank you to my friend, who sent me this testimony, it helped me once again to believe and to see how wonderful God works on other peoples hearts. Actually while listening to this blessed story, I was crying and praying.. its important to Pray and Pray, to thank God and to ask him for his love. God bless all of us. Thank you Gloria, God bless you and all of the people who will be listening this testimony.